New Business Loans product launched in Republic of Ireland

We are pleased to announce we have launched a new business loan product in the Republic of Ireland in response to demand from the Professions sector, which wants a fast and efficient service for various forms of working capital funding.

“Our decision to offer this new product is based on conversations with our Republic of Ireland customers who have told us that there are still legacy effects being felt from the recession with a reluctance among some existing lenders to support SMEs,” said Aileen Boyle, Managing Director, Braemar Finance. “We continue to lend through all economic cycles, because we understand that the overwhelming majority of businesses do not fail overnight and we see it as our responsibility to stay loyal to our customers.

“We are bringing with us a long and strong track record built over 25 years in the UK and Northern Ireland where our unsecured business and practice loans are available to the Professions sector when they need to borrow funds to invest in their business.

“As a specialist funder, we offer not only loans but also advice on the tax efficient benefits of Lease and Hire Purchase and an independent view about the right suppliers to use and where the best deals on equipment can be found.”

Braemar Finance’s non-secured loan product can be used for a variety of purposes, including buying into or starting up a new business, a renovation, new equipment or simply to cover multiple overheads. Other uses include:

  • Tax and VAT payments
  • Business Debt consolidation
  • Practice extension
  • Education/Training 
  • Working capital


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