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Leixlip Dental Centre - Business Finance

Leixlip Dental Centre required funding to offer their patients state of the art treatments.



With more than two decades of experience trading as Leixlip Dental Centre, Dr John Weever knew that there were situations where regular dental or facial x-rays were not proving sufficient for his customers.

The solution required investing in a dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine. What he needed; however, was the right funding partner to help him achieve his aims.


After spending significant time and effort researching the equipment he needed, Dr Weever settled on the Morita CBCT Xray Device as the ideal solution for his practice.

To help with the funding, he approached Braemar Finance - who he knew to be flexible and approachable – to provide him with the necessary funding to purchase the new equipment.


The new Morita CBCT Xray Device has enabled Leixlip Dental Centre to carry out imaging to the highest resolution possible, helping attract both new patients and referrals. The 2D/3D combination system has, according to Dr Weever, “revolutionised his practice.”

Dr Weever continued to say “The recently purchased Morita CBCT has transformed my approach to Dentistry. It provides unsurpassable clarity in conventional OPGs and lateral Cephs and also a range of whole-jaw to focussed 3-D information for planning in Orthodontics, Endodontics and Implantology. I would now find it hard to manage without it.”


“After emerging from the recession a little bruised and battered, we knew there were three options – give up, stand still or move forward. Moving forward and investing in the development of the business requires money and we found the banks unapproachable and unwieldy. Braemar Finance has provided us with fast, simple access to the finance we needed with no-fuss, easy procedures. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”  Dr John Weever – Leixlip Dental Centre